Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Sleepover is Over....Thank Goodness!

Well, the sleepover was a success. We had 7 girls there. They had a blast. Below are some pictures. Not all of the girls were there yet but here are the ones I managed to get to sit still long enough!

Here is a list of things they did.

~fashion shows
~rode the scooter and skate board
~jump rope
~played four square
~played duck, duck, goose
~made necklaces
~played hide and seek

That's just what I can remember now. I never knew that girls could be so loud. I mean there is no telling what kind of hearing loss resulted from this party! And they went on like that until I forced them to bed at 11:00pm! Then they still wouldn't be quite. I ended up separating them so they would go to sleep. All the girls got along great. There was NO DRAMA at all! That has to be unheard of.

I also had gotten each one a flash light and put their names on them to use after dark. They had a good time playing hide and seek in the dark with their flash lights.

We made pizzas from English muffins for dinner. I set out all the fixin's and they each got to make their own. It was a great dinner. For breakfast Sunday morning we had pancakes. I could not believe how much those girls could eat!

Thanks for the tips on the sleepover. It was a huge success!


Melanie said...

Sounds like the girls had a wonderful time! What a brave lady you are! Yes, girls can be as loud (or louder!) than boys. Great photos! Have a great week.

annie said...

Sounds like tons of fun!!!!

I love love love your new layout!

You are too good!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Sounds like they had a blast! I bet you were glad for some peace and quiet afterwards :)

gail@more than a song said...

I would say it was a success if you got them to sleep! When we had those things at our house it seemed like the kids stayed up ALL night! Hope you're all rested up now.

Sonya said...

If I knew you were making pancakes on Sunday, I would have drive to your house! LOL!

Looks like a successful party with lots of happy gals!

Shawna said...

Whew! What a night. Souds like they all had a great time. Love the pictures!!