Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What Was I Thinking???

I have no idea what I was thinking when I agreed to a sleep-over at my home. This Saturday I will have several 9 year old girls over here for a sleep-over hosted by the lovely Miss Olivia. What in the world do you do to entertain nine year old girls? Or are they already at the stage where any interaction with adults is a no-no? Someone please help me! :)


Jenmomof4 said...

We just had 15 girls over on Sat for Katherine's 13th birthday. We did a craft (made clipboards) I set up a photo booth and took tons of pictures of them. I then printed them out in a column like the pictures you get at the mall photo booths.

THey ate dinner and played guitar hero while the craft was drying. I then put in the move 13 going on 30 and they watched that until 12:30am. They were all asleep by 1:00. I told them they had to get to bed since it was Mothers's Day the next day and I needed the sleep.

email me if you need any other ideas.

Good Luck

Sonya said...'re a brave woman! LOL! I think you will have no problem entertaining them. Do a cute craft, get a cute movie, have pizza while they watch the movie...any of those things will work! At least they always have for me. Good luck!

Jenny said...

Hahahhahahhhahhhahahha!!! That is me laughing hysterically at YOU because it's not ME having the sleepover! LOL!!!! No, seriously, we have sleep-overs here a lot, but they are guys and the main thing I have to do is spray Lysol ever once in awhile so the boy funk doesn't embed itself into my home! I'm eager to see what you all do...for the future, you know...

Jenny said...

OK...I was just checking back for all the sleepover details...dirtbag!

gail@more than a song said...

Oh I hope you survived! I remember those days well and my only advice would be to never have a total of 3 girls! For us I learned rather quickly that number never worked, someone was always left out.
It'll be more fun after it's all over and y'all have all the fun memories, until she wants to do it again!

Melanie said...

Hi, Judi, 9 girls on Saturday! How brave you are! Hope it turned out well. When my daughter was home and had sleepovers, it was 2 plus her at the most. I never even tried to brave a bigger group!
I love your new look! How cute!
Still getting compliments on my blogs! Thanks so much