Monday, September 17, 2007

Dress Code

Today the school calls at 1:15 to say that Bi-Bi needs someone to bring her a shirt to change in to. Apparently the one she wore is "inappropriate". Okay, let's review. The children are not allowed to wear anything that bares their shoulders. BUT it is okay to wear a tank top. And according to Bi-Bi's teacher, she can wear spaghetti straps as long as there is a tank top under it. Could they be any more confusing to the kids?? So, Bi-Bi has worn this particular shirt, oh, I would say 8 - 9 times already this year. It has spaghetti straps and she wears a tank underneath. Today one of the aides sends her to the office an hour before school is out to call home for an "appropriate" shirt. The same lady who greeted her and opened the car door for her this morning at 7:25! Do you see why this is upsetting??? You know what happens next I am sure. I went to the school and politely checked her out to go home for the day.

GIVE ME A BREAK PEOPLE! I mean she does not have boobs, she is not dressing like a brazen hussy for goodness sakes! She is 9!

Why do the schools now make every area of getting an education so not enjoyable?

Okay...I feel better.


Jenny said... know you've dressed your child like a little "ho" always have! lol!! Seriously, this really is need to homeschool...that way you both can dress's fun! lol!

btw...i like when you come to my blog because your comments post as "Momma"and that makes me feel special my mom actually comes to read my blog...which she doesn't...dirt bag...

annie said...

Wow, crazy!
Last year Emelia had a pink stripe in her hair because when Amanda did pink in her hair of course Emelia wanted some so I put a little streak in her hair too... she had to call home because it wasn't allowed. I spoke to the office manager and said, "it's permanent, it will have to wash out." So crazy!!! AND Emelia must dress like a huzzy too because now I just have her keep a short sleeved hoodie in her backpack for the days they decide her clothes are inappropriate.
So, you excited about your big day tomorrow???

Laurel Wreath said...


Sonya said...

I think I threw up in my mouth a little! I have nothing good to say about the state of our public schools. All I can say is thank God for convicting me that I am to teach my children when they rise up, when they lay down, when they go in and out! Public schools need to worry about the fact that teenagers working in fast food places can't even count change back to customers!