Friday, February 20, 2009

Is it Monday?

This morning my car wouldn't start. I have been having trouble with it not wanting to start for a week. My hubby "thought" he fixed it by putting water in the battery and making sure all the connections were good. Well, I took Olivia to school this morning as usual. I did not have any problems then. I had to work today so when I went out to take Grayson to my mom's I tried to start it and NOTHING. So, I had to call my dad to come and get us. We get to my mom's and she has her car running warming up for me. How sweet was that??? Anyway, I get Grayson settled and head out in mom's car. Well, about half a mile down the road her car dies while I am driving it. Yeah, seriously. Thankfully I was able to coast to the stop sign, put it in park and start it again. So far so good.

Feels like Monday to me. :(

UPDATED TO ADD: Ah yes, I knew it wasn't over. I was coming back from lunch doing about 70 in the middle lane of the interstate and my mom's car died. Yep. I almost got killed trying to get to the shoulder. But I didn't and the car started back up so I am back at work. Needless to say I have had a very interesting vocabulary today.

Is this a test? If so I don't think I am passing!


Annie said...

I give you an A+