Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where Has My Sweet Boy Gone?

Grayson loves Waffle House. So, yesterday morning my mom and I took him for breakfast. We were chatting and Grayson was playing with the salt and pepper shakers as usual. Then he found something even more exciting, yes, the sugar dispenser. You know the glass one with the spout on top? Yeah. I told him "we're" not going to play with the sugar because it will make a mess. Well WHACK out of no where he hauls off and slaps me across the face! What the heck???? I like to think he really did not know what he had just done. But, regardless, I put a "scald" on his rear right there in the booth at the Waffle House.

Just another intriguing and oh so exciting post from my house to yours.

Oh, I did find this at Vicki's and laughed out loud....for real. :)

You're A Butt Face