Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I can not believe the times we live in. I mean making headlines today EVERYWHERE I read is the fact that Oprah now weighs 200 lbs. WHO CARES??? And who cares what kind of berry diet she is on??? I am sick of it. I say it's about time she stopped trying to be something she is not.

Don't we all have more to be concerned about? I'm just sayin'.


Loving Annie said...

Oprah makes all the women who diet for a short period of time and then stop dieting and gain weight feel good about themselves and justify themselves.

They can smugly say "well, if Oprah got fat, see it just can't be done to be thin"

So her audience loves her for it. Makes them relate to her. It's big business for her.

I'm not saying it's fun to eat healthy and exercise consistently. It just comes down to choice and self-discipline.

People choose what they are willing to live with, and what is acceptable to them.

I've been 125 and I've been 175 -- several times, so....

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

You know, I hadn't even heard this. I've gotten to where I tune out anything related to Oprah! I don't watch her show any more, don't believe in who she backs for a candidate, and am not interested in her book picks. Sigh. I'm terrible, huh?! :)

I agree with you though. Forget the celebrities people, find real people in your life to look up to, like a spouse or parent or teacher!