Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mother of the Year Goes To..........

Olivia came home and said that a kid at school made fun of her hair.  Another kid told her she dresses badly.  So, I told her when kids say that to her just respond with a smile and say "honey, it's okay, I know my beauty is much too much for you to understand or appreciate".

Was that bad?

So the award is either going to me or the mother of the child at the convenience store this morning.  The child did not have shoes or socks on and was walking around the store.  He also had jammies on that were for Summer.  Yeah, it was about 30 degrees.

So, you vote.  It's me or her.



Loving Annie said...

I vote for you. You told Olivia EXACTLY the right thing !

I always think that whehn a guy doesn't check me out - that I'm just too hot for him and he is intimidated :)

That other mother should have to go shoeless herself and walk around in her jammies at the store when it's 30 degrees outside - grrrr !

Annie said...

Wow. Kids are just plain mean. They will make fun of anything just to have something mean to say. I think you are a great mom!