Monday, October 13, 2008

Suppertime Stress

What an eventful dinner preparation tonight. It started off with my son not being able to wait for dinner. He had to have a hot dog right then. He loves a cut up hot dog with mustard and ketchup for dipping. So I got him settled with that.

I decided to make a broccoli casserole from a recipe I had not used before. I was in the kitchen concentrating on getting it right. Grayson comes in the kitchen asking to wash his hands. I turned to look at him and he was COVERED in mustard and ketchup. I mean he had mixed it and smeared it all over his arms (all the way around)and face. If that were not enough, he had smeared it all over the top of his head too. It is amazing to me how far a little squirt of condiments will go. So, I had to have Olivia get him in the tub which he did not want. While that drama was going on I was back to my recipe in the kitchen.

I got to the part where I added the cheese and it needed to be stirred constantly while the cheese was melting. Of course right at that time the screams from the bathroom came. I needed to take over there. So, I had Olivia come in and stir the sauce while I washed Grayson's hair. He had a complete melt down on that because I had to lay him down in the tub to get all the stuff out of it. I finally got him out and calmed down enough to return to the kitchen.

So, the casserole was in the oven with the chicken. The rice was cooking, all was right. Olivia and I were planning the meals for the week. The timer went off and I decided five minutes on broil would make a fabulously crunchy top to the casserole. Well about ten minutes later smoke billows out of the oven. Yes, you guessed it. The casserole was burned on top.

Thank goodness I was able to scrape off the cracker top and the rest was okay. It was actually delicious!

I hope tomorrows dinner prep is less eventful!


Sonya said...

Sounds like a night at my house except my kids aren't small! LOL! Caroline is forever making some sort of huge mess and will never let Logan help!

Glad you saved the casserole.

Twinki said...

LOL! You will have to call him the Mustard Man now.

gail@more than a song said...

Ah but it makes for a memorable meal! I do that kind of stuff but I don't have a good reason like you!

annie said...

OH NO. Well, at least you could still eat it :)... I love mixing mayo mustard and ketchup together and dipping my piggies in a blanket in that. Still do it after all these years.

Your halloween design is so cute!!!

Melanie said...

I'm glad your casserole turned out okay after all. It's pretty hard trying to juggle kids and cooking and all that. I remember those days but now I'm so out of practice! Hope you're having a great weekend! ((Hugs))