Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I Need Parenting Tips

Recently Bi-Bi has been wanting to spend more time with friends from school and the neighborhood. Yesterday I was sad to hear that she wanted to invite one of the neighborhood kids here but "we just don't have anything fun to do". I don't want us to be the boring house! I want all her friends to always want to be here. Does anyone have any tips for me to accomplish this?

PLEASE, I need help!


justabeachkat said...

Since my youngest is 26 and long gone, I can't help much, but I do remember that I kept lots of cool snacks around and made sure her friends knew they were welcome.


Sonya said...

Ok, I'm a geek. I homeschool my kids and I know what we like to do. Have some cool snacks. Make something fun...check Family Fun's site. Get some really cool board games and have them easily accessible. Have some card games, jacks (loved these!), or craft supplies handy. Put this stuff in a plastic tote so you can easily drag it out and put it up. It'll keep everything together and you can just throw the mess into the tote. Let the kids bake some cookies or something. Kids love to make things like that. Especially if they can do it "by themselves".....If I think of more, I'll let ya know.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

We haven't really gotten to this stage, but I don' know. I will say, however, that all my friends growing up thought my house was fun, but I still wanted to go somewhere else. Sometimes there is an allure to another person's home even if your home is wonderful!

Angi said...

When my 12 yr. old son comes over they usually play outside, using sticks as swords, exploring the woods, or riding bikes/scooters. They also play X-box.